Thinkpad dvd burner

I have a new thinkpad t500 which burnt dvd,s will not play on some stand alone dvd players.the burner on the thinkpad is a"HL-DT-ST dvdram GSA-U20N.I have also be burning on a 4-5 yr old desktop with a “Pioneer dvd-rw dvr-111d” without any problems at all.the problem for the dvd player for the thinkpad is an older Venturer portable and some other older model stand alones. I am using convertxtodvd3 ver on both computers at the default settings.I’m thinking it maybe a backwards compatibility prob with the thinkpad dvd burner.:confused: I have tried both some 16 x ty’s and some 16 x ridata at there rated speed and at 8x.

Any ideas or help would be much appreciated:bow: