Thinkpad dvd burner

I have a new thinkpad t500 which burnt dvd,s will not play on some stand alone dvd players.the burner on the thinkpad is a"HL-DT-ST dvdram GSA-U20N.I have also be burning on a 4-5 yr old desktop with a “Pioneer dvd-rw dvr-111d” without any problems at all.the problem for the dvd player for the thinkpad is an older Venturer portable and some other older model stand alones. I am using convertxtodvd3 ver on both computers at the default settings.I’m thinking it maybe a backwards compatibility prob with the thinkpad dvd burner.:confused:

Any ideas or help would be much appreciated

1 other thing …running XP on both systems

You don’t mention the type of blank dvds you are using, or your burning speed.

First thing to try is using good quality dvds. I would try some 16x -R Verbatim blank disks. Normally I’d advise burning at 8x, but that seems to be the top speed for this burner. If you have the ability to choose 6x, try that.