Thinking on buying a LVW-1105HC+

Hi from Spain,

I get an offer of the new LiteOn LVW-1105HC+ for 120 Euro (around $140) and I’m reading that unit is pretty similar to the 5005 model plus DivX playback capacity, but I also read some issues this unit suffers.

I would like to record some TV series and convert older VHS tapes to DVD. Eventually I would convert DV tapes to DVD via the 1394 port of the LiteOn (although I’m currently making it with the computer with excellent results and custom, beautiful menus, so this is not a priority). I plan to record in +RW and edit them later to remove ads and add menus and chapters.

My questions are:

  1. Does the 1105HC+ have SCART connectors? I downloaded the user manual but seems that it’s not included.
  2. Are the DVDs recorded by the 1105/5005 editable with PC software?
  3. Do the DVD recorded have trouble to be read with standalone players? (I own a Pioneer DV-444 and a LiteOn 812S PC burner).
  4. Does the 5005/1105 support MP3 IDTag/long filenames?
  5. Do the 5005/1105 have major flaws? Which ones?

Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance,


I bought one last Friday (US model).

Vs. the 5005 I got a year ago -

1105 is missing front panel display, S-Video connections (in and out) and optical digital out (has coaxial)
Still no stereo tuner
+/- support, but not all-write (no VCD/SVCD/CDDA)

Audio is AC3 instead of MPEG (nice because my receiver doesn’t support MPEG audio and when playing a disc recorded on the 5005 I had to switch my player from RAW output to PCM).
MPEG 4 playback - can even play some XVID files that my Philips 642 puked on.
Small size - smaller than most of my players.
Auto clock set - and it worked on the first try though I had to specify timezone and disable daylight savings to get the right time (my TV has the same problem so I’m assuming it’s the signal my station is sending)

Haven’t tried region-free hack yet. +RW discs recorded on my 5005 and ILO DVDR04 seem to be interchangeable (I can write one title on one machine and another on the other without botching the disc, as well as erase a title written on one machine on the other). 1105 will not record to or erase titles from a disc recorded in the 5005/DVDR04 but can erase and use the disc. It will play a disc recorded in earlier models, though I’ve only tested a couple (both +RW - actually, I’ve never used anything else to record in the Lite-Ons). Haven’t tested discs recorded in the 1105 for compatibility in the older machines yet.

For US $ 69.99 after rebate, not too bad a deal. The 5005 was $ 149.99 a year ago, and the DVDR04 (LVW-5001x rebadge) was $ 98.99 about 2 months ago - I may even take it back since Wal-Mart has a 90 day return policy.

Anybody else got any info on the 1005, especially in comparison to earlier models?