Thinking of making a change from Liteon

Anyone had any experience of the Ellion DVR-950S Slimline Dual Format Multi Region capable DVD Recorder with 160GB Hard Drive, MPEG4 Playback and i.Link from Amazon. as I am thinking of moving away from my Liteon. Any sugestions for alternatives that you have been happy with would be welcome.
Many thanks!

I can’t believe that no one has got a DVD recorder that they are impressed with enough to recommend. A bit worrying!

Nothing to worry about crazykenhall! I Have a Lite-On and I’m very impressed and happy with it :slight_smile:

I am already using a Liteon 5006 but fancied upgrading to something with a hard drive. Possibly a bit up market from the liteon.

Ken, I’ll transfer this to the ‘DVD Recorder and Home Entertainment’ forum… :wink:

Sorry, no probs.

The LITE-ON HD-A740GX has a 160 GB hard drive
and the LITE-ON HD-A760GX has a 250 GB. :bigsmile: