Thinking of getting an AMD X2 4600

Would I see £150’s worth of difference between an X2 4600 and my 64 3500?
I play a few games, but not necessarily the latest ones, and do a lot of DVD backups. Thx

for both needs I would say to look more at the graphics card not really the CPU, your CPU now is fine

thats not a major upgrade so dont waste your money. I would go for the X2 4400+ instead, it has 1 meg of cache X 2

150 pounds? You can probably get one more 300GB SATA II HDD, a 3800+ X2, and a Super Multi 16x DVD writer. Unless your current CPU and VGA are too slow for your games, it may be better to increase your storage power instead. Distributing storage load on multiple HDDs and ODDs, preferably each monopolizing one channel, is nearly always better. Some of the latest motherboards have 8 to 10 SATA II connectors, something very rarely found on inexpensive motherboards several years ago.

I agree to what Kenshin is pointing out. If you can get by with little expense as you can, then you can save your money for a new system in about a year to a year and half. The computer industry is going to do a major shift in technology in regards to processers.

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personally i just got the 4600 to futurproof my comp more. i built my computer a few months ago. It;s a socket 939. So i am not going to sell it so that i can build a new one that takes intel core 2, or AM2 either. Im just getting what i can that will improve what ive got :slight_smile: