Thinking of Getting A Plextor 8x writer DVD?

I m from india An i m thinkin to have a plextor DVD writer from here should i go for it? I dont know what to say but i think tht i use to think the plextor best more best then sony and other companys but now after reading all ur comments in the site i think i should change my mind or should i go for the same writer Pls suggest me Pals And one more thing

That have any of u have seen a DVD with 3 in movies or 5 in movies if yes then how can we write tht movie any ideas actually it is said a Multy VTS dvd which can be written through the software DVDLab so pls reply me all of u I want ur good suggestions coz here the rate for this writer is 370$ US…So have to think for it and or should i go for the ASUS writer which uses a -dvdr technology and one more thing can any one explain me tht isnt it possible to write a +dvd movie through a -dvd writer Let me know Pls Thanks for all of lov and su;pport

Waiting for the Reply of all of u Ur suggestions can help me think better
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Hi, vikas_sonu welcome on our forum (lot’s of new members lately, great!),

Why would you not want to buy the PX-708A? It’s a great drive and when you read through the comments on this forum you will see that people are happy with the drive. Of course there are sometimes problems, as with every other drive. I would recommend this drive to anyone. I use my PX-708A a lot and it has so far never let me down. When your drive does have problems or when it’s defective then you can always contact Plextor and get a replacement drive. Generally speaking Plextor support is excellent.

one more thing can any one explain me tht isnt it possible to write a +dvd movie through a -dvd writer
No, this is not possible. There are some rumours going around that certain single format drives can be turned into dual format drives but I have yet to see some real proof of this.

from what i can tell from the posts i have read on this forum, the problems with the 708a usually fall into one of three categories:

[li]a defective drive (return it for a replacement)
[/li][li]trying to write a dvd+r with nero (use another program to finalize the session)
[/li][li]inferior media (tdk might be good, and most maxell… i dont know much about this)
the first can happen to any drive, plextor or otherwise, and as <l33t> gamefreak </l33t> said, plextor responds well to that situation.

the second can be avoided by using something other than or in addition to nero, like cdrwin 3.9e or … other things? it is just something odd between the 708a and nero, although firmware 1.04 may have fixed the problem. its changelist mentions nero, at least. can anyone verify this? i have no dvd+r discs to try it on.

the third can be a bit more difficult. it sounds like a slightly picky drive, but plextor’s web page has a list of recommended media. it can look pretty complicated, and i don’t know how to identify the batch (like “CDR-80 SWPY 20SN”), but i believe if you stick to things like maxell or tdk and dont buy cheap, little-known-brand discs, they should work well enough, if not at max speed.


compatible, though not as good:

if anybody has anything else to add, please do. especially about the media. even i would appreciate more information there.

Maybe this will help also to find out what media suits the px 708a
best,found it at
Plextor px 708a media

Corrodias wrote:

trying to write a dvd+r with nero (use another program to finalize the session)

I’ve used DVD+RW 4X SPEED (RITEK) & DVD+R 4X SPEED (RICOH) with NERO version with no problems finalizing the session.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Wanted to ask one more thing tht will Asus DVD writer which does only supports a -r media’s will be able to write all the movies of DVD And if possible Pls some one Tell me wht is the different between these 2 formats - and + waiting for reply