Thinking of buying a third party manufactured nec external drive

I am in the market for an external dvd burner (the more options the better!), and having had good experiences so far with external harddrives I manufactured myself from the oem drive and an external enclosure, I was wondering about the wisdom of doing the same for a dvd burner.

this was the specific model I was interested in, and it comes manufactured with 6 month warranty for pretty cheap

is this too good to be true?

I’d go with the Firewire or the FireWire/USB 2.0 combo. Are you planning on using this on a desktop or on a notebook? Although you have to ask yourself how much can I pick up a USB/FireWire enclosure for?

i’ll probably go for the usb 2.0. is there any reason i should get firewire too??? ( i dont really use it)
i like the warranty this site offers…otherwise for the money, i would probably take a chance and try assembling it all myself.

the drive itself will be used primarily on my desktop, but will also likely be used with a few different laptops also.

Many users have had problems running dvd-rw drives off of usb connections. Dig around in the forums. Firewire has, in most cases, proven to be faster and more reliable than USB 2.0, despite the fact that USB is rated at 80mbs higher than firewire.

Then again, many people do not have problems with USB, its up to you.

If you choose firewire, make sure you get an enclosure that uses the oxford 911 chipset.

Good Luck!

From what I understand USB 2.0 is more CPU intensive than IEEE1394. If you prefer USB 2.0 go with it.

Edit the reason I suggested the combo is I have found that on more than one occasion I have had to hook up to a friends machine and they had one or the other. And not both.