Thinking of buying a External DVD Burner



i would like one for under $150. what would be the best one?
also right now the computer im on only Supports USB1.1 and FireWire 400/800. does that have any effect on the writers speed or does it all go by the drive? i heard it somewhat rely’s on the PC specs.

i was thinking about getting this one

but i would like something that uses FireWire since thats faster. it doesnt have to be available through NewEgg (i would just prefer it since they are normally cheaper).


USB 1.1 is far too slow for a DVD burner (USB 2.0 HiSpeed is required), so you need an external DVD burner with a Firewire connection.

The DVD burner you link to doesn’t have a Firewire connection as far as I can tell.

EDIT: The only external DVD burner with a Firewire interface and desktop size available from Newegg seems to be the Plextor PX-810UF ($120)


ok so any suggestions on a FireWire capable drive?


See my edit above.

Another option would be to add a USB 2.0 HiSpeed controller card to your computer and buy a USB 2.0 external DVD burner.

Don’t expect to burn at the faster speeds on an external DVD burner attached to a computer that is from the USB 1.1 era (before 2002?).


i am willing to shop other places. im looking for something really good. especially if im gonna be spending the big money. the rating on that isnt that great. i heard “Mad Dog” made good ones?

MegaSTOR according to this site is the best.

but i cant find any Retailers for them.


You could build your own external DVD burner from an internal DVD burner and an external enclosure.

A Sony NEC Optiarc AD-5200/7200/7203A and an enclosure based on the Prolific PL-3507 chipset should be a good option, if you can find such a drive and enclosure.

All the earlier NEC and Optiarc drives work fine with the PL-3507 in my experience and the Optiarc 5200/7200/7203 series seems to be a good one, but I haven’t tried it in a PL-3507 based enclosure yet.


i think my head just esploded. :doh:

i am no experienced at this at all. i want to get fast speeds so if i need to go with FireWire i have no problem doing that. thats why i bought the card for my PC :stuck_out_tongue: i use it on my External HD. so if the best way to go is with an exnclosure then i can do that to. i just need advice and help. especially with what all you were saying.

thanks for helping me with all this. i know im slow at it.


There aren’t very many external FireWire burners around. Other than Plextor, you may get lucky with LaCie (who like to cater for Mac as well as Windows).

The Plextor mentioned above has an LG drive inside, LaCie mostly use OEM LiteOn LightScribe drives.