Thinking of buying a dvd burner

hello newbie here!

thinking of buying my 1st dvd burner… question is: is my system enough to burn

  • data
  • movie

here is my specs:
duron 700
256mb ram pc133
80gb + 20gb harddrives

do i have to upgrade?

now for the burner… in my country: here are the only choices i have
lite-on 1633s
sony dru-710a

obviously they are the same… which do u recommend?.. i do not want to crossflash



You are probably ok with your system (may need another 256mb of ram)

Go with the cheapest between the two burners-


actually they have the same price tag…

between regular firmware updates (liteon) and dual covers (sony)… hmmm liteon?


I used to have a system just like that one (Duron 800Mhz, 256Mb RAM, Geforce MX card). Never had a problem either burning DVDs or watching them.

more RAM can help. and an NTFS file system if you need it

i have winxp installed… and will have an extra 128mb (from a friend)

my system is an old one (with also a geforce2 gts and epox 8kta3) … will also plan to upgrade later (or buy a new system)

thanks guys for the replies

Hey Brusko…

They won’t be the same price if you purchase from Liteon now is approx. $25.00 less than the Sony.


im in the asian region… sorry cant buy from newegg