Thinking of buying 108

hi im a new member here and im thinking of buying a pioneer 108 OEM
i just have a few questions do i have to do anything to make the drive region free ? and how hard is it to do if i must ?

I didnt with mine it came region free. Updated to firmware 1.14 as soon as I installed it aswell. No problems at all. And for £56 its an absolute bargain for a brilliant drive. Im really pleased with mine.

Installed mine yesterday. Bought mainly because of the games coming out in FY’05 Q1 on DVD (finally). First thing I did though was backup StarWars 4,5,and 6. The 1.10 firmware wouldn’t read the discs, got an I/O error. Updated to the 1.14 firmware and everything was fine. Added the backups to my binder and shelved the originals never to be used again.

well i got one :slight_smile: