Thinking of a new burner, suggestions? How's the LG 8400B?

My current burner is a HP 9100i, just feels it’s taking a while to burn a CD, no burn proof stuff and get noisy when it spins sometimes.

Models available for me to purchase are AOpen, BTC, LG, Sony, Benq, and sometimes Lite-On.

After some prelimary research, I’m leaning towards the LG GCE-8400B, 40x burner.

My HP9100i sometimes makes the noise of a small airplane when it tries to spin and read the CD, does it happen on newer burners?

Is it true that only the 2MB version will have Mt. Rainer capability in the future?

Is that burner any good, any pros/cons, media compatibility?

Is this a good drive, and what other models would you recommand?

Look here

The LG8400 is coooooooooooooool !
I love mine, 8 meg version. also have 8240 & 8160

Is it true that only the 2MB version supports Mt. Rainer though?

The buffer doesn’t really matter that much since it has burn proof in it.

Neither have Mount Ranier

I’ve got it last week under Digital Research brand. BTW, I used to have HP 9100i which wasn’t good at all - no buffer underrun, no 80 min CD, slow and crashes my system many times - that drive is very picky about system’s performance.
Now, my opinion about Benq:
Pros: very quiet (quietier than Samsung SW-232 that claims to have some specific noise-control tehcnologie), very reliable - their “Seemless Link” bufer underrun protection is the best on market today i think, price is very low too.
Cons: according to read/write speed tests it’s slower than Plextor or Lite-on.

None of the burners had buffer under run protection when the HP 9100i was around, it was much later when Plextor invented it. My 9100i burns 80mins just fine though, 80min CDs is all I use.

I’ll probably get the LG, had a looked at CloneCD’s site and Benq drives only got one sheep for buffer underrun and EFM encoding. the LG’s got two sheep for both.

The LG 8400 definitely seems attractive.

Goto the CloneCD forum and read the Sticky:What burner should I buy?