Thinking about NEC ND-6500 for laptop

I have a laptop (compaq R3470) with an LG burner in it (GWA4080n) which sucks. It seems to only rip dvd’s at 4 times. Is the firmware locked on this thing locked or is it a physical limitation given it’s size. My burner on my deskop (external plextor 708uf) which is like 2 years old blows it away. Will the NEC 6500 slim burner for laptops give me faster rip times. I am hoping another Nec owner can comment on his or her ripping endevours (Highest speeds). I have also replaced the hard drive in this laptop with a hitachi 7k60 (7200rpm 60 gig). so the slow rpm of the hard drive cannot be problem. Thank You


This might be a riplock removed firmware for your LG drive:

It is a beta at this stage, So it might be more dangerous then usual. But those guys usually do a good job on all firmwares ive ever rused so it most likeely is good to go. I suggest backup your current firmware before flashing always!

As for ripping speed, the NEC 6500A starts at about 3.33x speed, and builds up to 8.15x, with Avg speed of 6.01x, taking about 9 mins 50 seconds to read a disc using Nero CD-DVD Speed using it’s Transfer Rate test. This is my 6500A reading a DVD-R Movie off a Ritek G05 disc. Note, this disc was not burn by the 6500A, but by a NEC 3250A.

**Note: I suggest you wait for the NEC 6650A as it is faster burning speed with more media then the 6500A.

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Thanks for the reply…