Thinking about buying DVDfab



I need the low down, is this a good program for backup of movie DVD’s

I’m trying the demo it seems OK on some discs.

When i do customization i get allot of errs and it takes a long time.


Ok, just my own biased perspective…I own fab platinum and overall, I believe it is the best comprehensive package out there. Having said this, no application works perfectly in every instance. I also own Slysoft’s AnyDVD and it performs superbly…I’ve never regretted this purchase either. I’ve never used clonedvd or other slysoft products, but I hear they’re excellent. I honestly don’t think you’d go wrong purchasing from either Fengtao or Slysoft. Both offer free trials…recommend you try them and see. I also use nero recode2 and freeware quite a bit…dvd decrypter, Img burn, dvd shrink, dvdfab decrypter are all excellent and at times, indispensable.

Anyway, my advice, like I said, …experiment for a while and see what works best for your specific needs.


Hi Maineman,

Your unbiased opinion please am now sick to death of DVDfab express…

Does platinum work and what are the latest films u have backed up of late… can’t do Harry Potter film in full disc or main movie mode ???

Your advice will go a long way… Thanks


This is weird i just tried harry potter yesterday it did it once then i could not do it again while trying dvdfab

Then i put my old drive in and it scanned fine so i think my new NEC 3550a drive is the problem it’s getting worse the more i test it out on all the same things.

I also scanned all the main movies to my hard drive from the old optical and burned from there. My NEC keeps messing up the main movies. They are clean running on the hard drive.

Ive backed up 10 new movies including Zorro legend, it’s my NEC I’m having trouble with not being consistant. Letting it cool and not using it for a while helps.

I did try cloned DVD and it would not let me backup anything gave me all kinds of warnings.


I will say I was frustrated using DVDFab platinum at first because I could never get a good burn. But after going through the support forums and cleaning up my computer a bit the app has started to work a lot better for me. I have only had one bad disc in the last 30 i’ve done. I always do complete disc as well…even though it’s not the most popular issue

My main problems were with cheap media, bad burner, and old Roxio apps installed and not really with DVDFAb itself. I think it’s a good value and it is easier to use than some of the others I’ve demo’d.


hi there! I’ve been a long time user of the free dvdfab xpress and it has always worked great … since then, i’ve demo’d (sp?) plain xpress and fab platinum -
Loved all of these programs … ended up buying plain fab xpress only b/c i didn’t need the xtra features offered by platinum …

Anyway - it’s worked great for me no major problems … the only problems i’ve had were easily remedied:
prob #1: wouldn’t back up a particular movie but the following day a new version update was out and that fixed it …
prob #2: roxio wasn’t working or playing well with others so got rid of the roxio programs and reinstalled fabxpress again and all was fine (it seems there are a number of programs that can screw up dvdfab)

So in short - I love dvdfab and it’s worked well with my 2 burners (pioneer and lite-on) and plays back great in my dvd players -
Since coming across dvdfab programs, I haven’t used anything else to backup my movies – I highly recommend it! :bigsmile:

At risk of being corny - thank you to everyone at dvdfab, you have some really great programs! :clap: :bow: :bow: