Thinking about a new rig



Hi guys.
My current PC is Asus A8N Premium SLI (939) Opteron 180@2.58ghz 3GB of GSkill DDR400 EVGA 8600GT.
I’ve been thinking about getting a new PC I do love AMD but “sometime love ain’t just enough” so I have to go with “what have you done for me lately?”:stuck_out_tongue:
I do not play or into games all of my works are photoshop and video editing-rendering.
AMD 64x2 6400+ Black Edition or Intel Q6600. Either one I have to start over again. Is it worth it to upgrade? At this moment I’m thinking about Intel Q6600But I would love to hear opinions.:flower:


Seems like you have a pretty good rig now. Just how much more do you need. Are you having issues, or slowness problems…


If I were you I would hold out just a little bit longer, the penryn quad cores are comming out. The q9450 will use almost half the power of a q6600 and be 5-20 percent faster depending on applications. I think some of them are comming out in March. If you want a fast dual core now, then go with an intel wolfdale, the e8400 is around 200 bucks and is fast. It is also 45nm like the q9450.


Thank you.
That’s exactly my point. If I go with Intel Q6600 or AMD 64x2 6400+ how much do I gain? Is it worth it to go through those troubles? I would expect 35-45% gain at least. A reason I asked that’s because I have never experienced DDR2 before.


Getting a Q6600 would be a waste of money, it’s not that much faster and I doubt your applications would make use of quad core. Given that you’ve already overclocked your Opteron I’d say definitely not worth it going for a “black edition”. As eric said, wait.
Given that you video/photo edit I’d say that you’re better off with a dual core with high clock frequency.


Thank you so much for you inputs and thoughts
See all these new hardwares came out I’m kinda tempting. That’s a big tempting move to make I’m looking at $500-$600 at least ,I’ll wait for now.:flower:
Another thoughts , my Asus A8N SLI Premium can hold 8HDD’s(sata/4-Nvidia 4-SilconeImage) and 4IDE drives. All new MB’s don’t have many storage connections any more.
Once again thank you so much.