Think Xtra media DVD-R - Taiyo Yuden?



Ive searched probably … all the internet (yeah,im pretty sure I did) to find some info about this specific DVD media,but no luck. So I though il give it a try and make a new topic (pretty genius,huh?).

Anyway - I read lot of your threads on the forum (about faked Taiyo Yuden,TYG02,Yuden0002 something etc.) just after I bought some cheap-garbage DVD’s for PC only use and realise that … I got a TYG02 ID on DVD-Decrypter. I thought “What the hell? No way it can be Taiyo Yuden !”. I even made some screenshots of the blank DVD,the thing on the cover made from paper (damn,I forgot the word…). The DVD’s were in a 10-pack (if it matters).

DVD blank:

The paper-thingy:

Now the thing is - DVD’s look like garbage,the price is a joke (3$ = 10 units) but … the DVD’s work great. You should seen my face when I made a copy of a PS2 game and … it runned smoothly! No skipping,no problems with the cutscene’s,booya. Lucky? It crossed my mind… so I tried to make an another copy (but no of the same game) - pretty much the same (booya). I burned 5 DVD’s and every single one of them worked as it should (or even better - hey,its garbage-media).
That was my little-review about TX and PS2 compability (im playing on those DVD’s for a month now) but … I would like to know if you have some knowledge about the company,media,maybe some experience with it etc… And of course my question is - are those really Taiyo Yuden? (probably not,but … asking doesnt hurt).

Waiting for some commentaries. W7dmuch.


These are TYG02?
If those were genuine TY, they must have a GGxxxxxx code in the stamper area (can be read from the bottom).
But as the packaging says “Made in PRC” (People’s Republic of China?), I doubt that these are real Taiyo Yuden. Watch out, they might degrade.


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From the second picture you linked, the paper label says: Made in PRC
That would be People’s Republic of China.

Genuine Taiyo Yuden media is Made in Japan.

One other thing you can do is look for a batch/lot number in the mirror band near the center hub on the data side of the disc. Genuine Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD-R always have code like this: GG00xxxx (where xxxx is a number than can vary)

Here’s an example:

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[B]DrageMester[/B]: Yes, but your answer was nicer and more visual :bigsmile:


If it can be any of help - I got a 20-units package of DVD+R and the ID is different: “MCC-003-00” (Mitsubishi Chemicals? Kidding me).
Hopefully,not only the ID is different,but the quality too (well,those are the real crap - PS2 cant read them,LG DVD-ROM with huge problems,only mine LITE-ON DVD-ROM Recorder can handle those).

Thats all I wanted to add. Still waiting for some commentaries (from TX-experienced users … or am I the only dumb-butt to buy such DVD’s?).

[Gee,didnt knew there was a second post already. btw. Hello DrageMester ^^][/B]

I checked the serial number (or whatever its called) and … no GGXXXXX,more like:
60609-04 (DVD-R)
and the funniest thing … on the DVD+R : nothing (not even f… you).

For shizzle.


It is not a surprise to me that the DVD+R are MCC 003 though. TYG02, YUDEN000 T02, MCC 02RG20 and MCC 003 are the most commonly faked codes out there.
Fakes with other codes (Maxell, TDK for example) are very rare.

Please post the hub and stamper codes so we can find out who made them :slight_smile:


Hub posted in the earlier post,but … stamper codes? You mean… like… what? xP (im not sure what you mean)



Basically just post everything you find around the hub of the discs (unless what you already posted was everything you found). :slight_smile:

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Stamper codes are physically stamped (or sometimes printed) into the clear plastic even nearer to the center hole. They can be extremely difficult to read unless you have a strong light source and perhaps a magnifying glass.


All I found,no more codes/serials/etc. - I used the DrageMester photo and modified. (the stamper code was a challenge … God damn,my eyes need a rest)


Edit: Yeah,I know - I write like a teenage-blog-freak,sorry about that :bigsmile: .


Yep, for example the stamper code on my own MCC003 is: PAHA301L08105226 3

As mentioned, it’s really difficult to see unless you hold the disc to the light in the right way.

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Ahahaha… work on your PS2 eh. Well my friend, I would not use them for too long as your PS2 is probably struggling to read those discs.

PS2’s may read cheapo discs and seem to work fine but if the laser is stressed continually or you have a version of the PS2 which is prone to dying - it can really burn out the laser.

I’ve also had fake TY discs, they seemed ok playability wise but got much worse after a while. I wouldn’t use them for PS2 backups, I’d get some genuine TY or Verbatim for that :slight_smile: