Think the RIAA cares about its image? Read this!

I just posted the article Think the RIAA cares about its image? Read this!.

 This is a  shorter article dealing with how senseless and how much of a one-track (pardon  the pun) mind the RIAA has, not even caring that the dear defendant  departed!  Now they are still...
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Is there a longer article somewhere that tells more of this story?

sorry, just noticed the word “case” is a link.

Don’t be sorry, it took me a few minutes to find that tiny practically invisible link!

Sorry guys, we just made it (the link) bigger. Thanks for the feedback, it is appreciated! :slight_smile:
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The RIAA has attorneys on staff. Its what attorney’s do for a living. Intimidation and extortion is their stock and trade. :wink:

Strangely RIAA have decided to drop the case after they felt an “abundance of sensitivity” Nothing to do with bad press at all

so the guy admitted that it was his stepson that downloaded the music, how long did it take the RIAA to realize that a deathbed confession isn’t worth diddley if the star witness is dead. I suppose that if the RIAA can charge royalties for dead artists they might consider “coffin” up some money for the artists that they screwed in the pre-internet days. Guess I should correct that…the pre-internet, present internet and post internet days. The RIAA business model is totally outdated and expired

Hold on a minute. Is the RIAA going after people who upload and share their files with others, or are they now going after those who only download? If someone were to log onto a filesharing network, with no files in their “shared” folder, and they only downloaded one song, how could RIAA find out?

I have posted the entire letter here:

Apparently, after adverse PR generated by such Web Sites as Boing Boing, Major Geeks and many other bloggs and internet news sites, the latest news to hand is that these proceedings have been terminated! The RIAA spokesperson stated as the matter is now closed ,they wish to make no further comment about this case! Hmm, the power of the net? :X

The link is always at the top, directly underneath the title of the article. In this case, “Source: Techdirt”.

The RIAA is lining it’s own coffin. I’m nominating the RIAA for a Darwin Award!