Think nero strange problem (Nd3500) Just hlp :P

Well i bought nec nd 3500AG 2 weeks before and made some recs and saw some things that i think strange though they are my first dvd recs
Got some original dvd movies and made some copies one was on the fly from my pioneer dvd 120 to the nec and the others were made by a image that nero created with image recorder .Everything is ok both the discs and the speed.However when i tried to copy one of my recorded dvds nero said blank or invalid dvd disc when the discs where inserted to my pioneer dvd reader only while at the nec eveything was ok identified as dvd+r and could make images and copy…Then i saw that the dvd+r that i recorded is being identified as cd session from nero only when inserted to the pioneer dvd reader something that i saw from the nero cd info while as i said the same disc was recognsed correctly at nec from nero
However as i have plextor premium i saw that that plextools professional info tool recognised the disc as dvd+r to both dvd pioneer and nec
The same did windows that recognsize also the disc as dvds
What i saw today as i was making cd/dvd tests is that nero cd/dvd speed program recognised the same discs as dvd+r
So why does nero burning rom recognisez the disc as cd session while nero tools programs can see that it is dvd+r and also many other program as plextools recognise it as it should be.
I have also tried recs with files only others with mp3 others with avi and it still recognises it as cd session…

I have the latest nero…
I saw a thread that nec dvd disc cant be read this is not true to me though as only nero burning rom does this strange thing…

I can post some pics abouth how nero recognise the disc and how plextools…


I think that Nero (Ahead) is behind in there programming updates for the 3500-

These same issues came up with earlier versions of Nero 6 and the 2500 and 2510 a few months ago-

Probably be fixed in some future version of Nero-

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