Think lying pays? Read this!

For all those who experienced Netflix’s ever-popular “throttling,” this will come as no surprise. Amazing what a little competition will do when you’re not being honest about delivering from the closest distribution point. Note the desired “improvement” in customer service. Three easy words exist to remedy that: just be honest!

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I was watching that stock fall today. Blockbuster was in serious trouble when NFLX came on the scene, but now BBI has gained the upper hand. It was smart for them to offer in-store swapping since NFLX has no other way to compete besides drop prices.

Quite true–and many Netflix customers hate the “throttling,” which Netflix has never come out and publicly acknowledged. If Netflix wants back in the game, all it really has to do is be transparent with its shipping–in other words, let the customer see which movies are available from which shipping centers closest to him–rather than it always picking the one farthest away to therefore ‘throttle’ someone down on what’s supposed to be “unlimited” rentals. I mean, when I can go into a small movie-rental place around here and find that title, I know Netflix (for example) would have that same title in Austin (although they say it HAD to be shipped from Lansing, MI instead, because it wasn’t available in Austin). Netflix must think people won’t check up and inform themselves, and that’s why they’re suffering.

Short visioned and unprepared. There is exponential growth here, get with it.

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Netflix is doomed :stuck_out_tongue:

More lies - unlimited online rentals and exchange at BB B&M store - with the 3@time plane going up from $17.99 to $24.00 a month if you want unlimited exchange at a BB B&M store. Some people are being grandfathered and keep the old rate. Others are not, it seems those not buying anything at the stores when exchanging DVD will get the increase to $24.99 a month.

I know of people that kept the old rate and some that have had the rate upped to the $24.99 if they want to keep unlimited exchange at the B&M stores. If you get the notice you won’t be renewed for the 3@time unlimited exchange, you can chose the 3@time for #17.99 but it only allows 5 exchanges per month at a B&M store. Or pay $7 a month more for what you are getting now. I seen where they say 25% of TA users will be affected.

Wow, JM, great info! Yeah, BB doesn’t advertise that on air, which violates ‘truth in advertising’ laws here in the U.S. I imagine they’re increasing price (without the requisite on-air warnings) because they aren’t as profitable as they’d like the program to be. sigh If you advertise it as unlimited and at a certain price, keep your word! It’s really sad to see how few understand that they shouldn’t lie–or even worse to see that they believe ‘it’s ok to lie under certain conditions.’ Yep, that kind of lying won’t help BB either.

The new prices/plans are listed on their website. They say the BB emails about the price increase started to go out July 26th. I haven’t received one either way about staying at $17.99 or going up. I’ve been with BB over a year and using TA since it started. And I renew within a week.
About buying in the store, I don’t, the candy, soda, popcorn and new releases are priced too high :bigsmile:

Well I just recently renewed at $17.99 and got this in an email from BB 8 days after renewing :a

We have introduced a new pricing structure for our lineup of subscription plans.

As a result, the price of your current monthly plan, Unlimited Online DVDs up to 3 at a time plus unlimited in-store exchanges each month for $17.99, will increase to $24.99, effective August 31, 2007.

We will not automatically renew your subscription on your next billing date.

If you choose to continue, please select a new plan.