Think I wrecked a Samsung DVD SD-616 any HELP?

Posted this at rpc1 forums as well, but since my back is up against the wall, I’m hoping that someone here might be able to offer suggestions.

Samsung DVD reader model SD-616 that I took out of a Dell 8100 system I purchased a couple of years ago and now use with my homebuilt box. P 2.4ghz HT, 1024mb pc 2700 Ram running Windows XP.

Bottom line after reading all of the firmware flashing help forums about flashing samsung drives, I somehow convinced myself that I could use the SFDNWIN program to flash my drive to the F006Del.bin

I have flashed video cards and motherboards in DOS before, and I don’t know what kept me from taking the more prudent route of just using SFNDOS, but suffice it to say that the devil on my left shoulder kept whispering “Naw, it can’t happen to YOU…YOU’RE DIFFERENT”.

Well it happened to me. Using the SFDNWIN, it seemed to take awhile to flash the drive as secondary master(5 minutes appx) but then finally told me it was complete and to restart.

Which I did. Immediately upon first boot up, the drive’s activity light just blinks steadily every second or so…the eject button will not work, and my device manager as well as bios do not show the drive.

I have attempted to use SFNDOS subsequently to reflash both the F006DEL.bin and E308DEL.bin files, my commands seem to be correct, but upon flashing the program just says the bin filename that was used i.e. F006DEL.bin and then on the next line down it says SECONDARY MASTER and the cursor just hangs there with no progress indication, or response from keyboard input.

I have waited 5 minutes or so and the cpu light on the front of my box does not seem to be very active, but the entire time, the light still keeps blinking that steady death-beep on the DVD reader itself. Finally I power down the box.

Upon reboot, it seems nothing has changed…the BIOS scan does not recognize the drive and neither does my device manager.

So, there you have it, I tricked myself into taking a perceived shortcut and now my stomach is in knots. I certainly deserve anything I get, but I had hopes that someone else out there had erred once in their lifetime and could have some empathy and answers or suggestions.

I have used both SFNDOS and then MTKFLASH 1.8x to attempt to reflash.

I have had the drive connected as secondary master, with the DVD reader connected at the END of the second IDE cable, which I believe is correct.

During my DOS flash attempts I AM disconnecting all other optical drives.

I am ALSO remembering to use the -n in SFNDOS and the /B in MTKFLASH.


  1. How long should I be waiting for DOS to flash the drive…is 5 minutes not enough on my fairly fast system?

  2. I might have my jumper of the drive set to cable select. I have searched but to no avail for samsung jumper settings. Can anyone point me to how many spaces over from the left I should set the jumper for SM and or SS?

  3. Any other suggestions, and from my description of the drive’s symptoms, do you believe it to be completely dead now, or do I have a glimmer of hope?

Many many thanks,

I am here with my hat in my hand, because I know my predicament is of my own doing, I appreciate in advance all helpful replies.

** Update

I set the drive to Secondary Slave and had only slightly more success.

Using SFDNDOS and the command SFDNDOS E308DEL.BIN SS -N

It waited awhile and then said:

SFDNDOS 2.13.4

----the programmer name and date of the program etc. —

Download file Samsung DVD Rom SD-616T E308
Secondary Slave
Found 1 Drive (s)

Samsung DVD Rom SD-616 F006 : Download
Download Step (1) (FF) Fail
Download Fail (reset your PC)

I’ve tried this with the E308, F004 and F006 firmwares all with the same basic result.

Sounds like we are both in the same boat! I have a Dell 8250 with Samsung SD-616T. After a format & re-install I was on a roll upgrading drivers & software from Dell’s site. I saw the firmware upgrade to v F311, thought this might fix my problems reading media from time to time. Downloaded the upgrade, created boot disk, install completed, instructed me to reboot…that’s when the s*** hit the fan. Drive not showing up in BIOS, power light does not come on, tray doesn’t open, drive not showing up in Windows & not showing up in Device Manager. After checking all connections, I called dell support. After a long phone call, they want me to upgrade the BIOS…NO THANKS! Not after what happened with their DVD firmware upgrade. My system is out of warranty, and they are not willing to do anything…even if the BIOS upgrade renders my board crap.
Ok after that rant, my question to all here is:

  1. can mtkflash be used if the drive is not showing up in BIOS? So I can flash backward.

Yes, mtkflash can be used to recover unrecognized drives. Etna’s site says that the SD-616T does work with mtkflash… try it.