Things you will NEVER see on ebay... Extreem

Just wondering on the perversity of imagination people might have.

and so I’m going to ask people to think up things, real specific items
that will NEVER turn up on ebay (even assuming they were allowed
under ebay’s perpetually increasing restrictions)

I’ll start the ball rolling with a rather extreem example:

The Sofa on which Layne Staley’s body was found after
his death by drug overdose…




I should explain that two friends were discussing Layne’s death
and the circumstances of his discovery, and I made an off the cuff
remark that had beer spouting from all the noses visible within my field
of view… :rolleyes: “Damn! THAT Sofa will NEVER turn up on ebay!” :eek:

Yeah, I’ll admit it… the little latch in my brain that prevents things from
escaping into my speech center immediatly given voice…) had been
loosened by the Bushmill’s Single Malt that had been trickling down
my throat all night, but still…

I am forced to conclude that my inner child is a sick little bastard.

who else suffers the same illness?