Things you may not know

Sorry couldn’t help myself with this, it’s kind of useless info that you don’t want too know! Speaking of Spiders.
The average person eats 4 to five spiders in their lifetime during sleep. :Z

But we still do it. :iagree: :bigsmile:

@Mr. B, I love your sarcasm, it’s a nice change from all the other responses. :iagree:

Not in Australia it’s not. We have plastic notes.

Love you too babe :iagree:

Me too… I like it! :slight_smile:

We have something in common. :eek:

She’s just protecting the cry baby :sad:
I really enjoy your sarcasm, but obviously cannot handle it when its direct at me ( :a - I don’t like what that implies about my character). Though I know your MO, text - without all the other forms of communication that would otherwise accompany it in a normal conversation - can be easily taken out of context. :o

Susan Lucci parents are > VITAL STATISTICS

PARENTS: Jeanette and Victor Lucci

BIRTHPLACE: Westchester,NY