Things to do before you die



Well i would quite like to trek across south america and go sky diving before I bite the dust. What about you?


Indulge myself in the most expensive restaurant! Plead for some “sexual healing” from the prettiest lady that would indulge me!


Oh yeah… i want to learn all the pink floyd songs :slight_smile:


Hmmm. Go to Australia, go to Greece, go to Italy…and as Stroppy said, seriously indulge myself food-wise! In the aforementioned countries of course, not here with boring British food!

I could probably think of other stuff, but that’s what immediately springs to mind :bigsmile:


get diarrhea on every continent lol


Oh God…you’ve spoiled my foodie fantasy now, LOL :bigsmile:


Have sex for one last time with my ex gf and her bitch sister at the same time


come and go at the same time eh? :wink: … sorry if thats too crude


Too many to list :frowning: . See some bands, tour Europe, skydive, see a F1 race (Monaco!). Damn this sheltered life :a . Oh, and visit Iceland for sure. I consider myself Canadian, but I will always be a Viking :slight_smile: .


Play a session with Joe Satriani.


Make sure I say goodbye to my Dad who is dying now on the other side of this planet.


Discover a cure for the common Death.
Go swimming in the Fountain of Youth.
Invent an inexpensive but fantastic tasting, novelty cocktail (with a little umbrella) that ensures ever lasting life.
Within my imortal life, find a cure for Deja Vu … however I have a sneaky suspicion that the cure is alzheimers.


But then it would all go to naught since you couldn’t die:p

I would indulge in chocolate all day everyday and go visit Sexy Southerner for a couple days:). Then I would say adios to all my friends i’ve made over the few years I’ve lived. I’d skydive, blow up the vegemite processing plants everywhere:Z, find and kill osama bin laden, then win the lottery and split the winnings between the people who post in the CD Freaks Living Room;), and finally, i’d throw a huge going away party.


Soooo … what’s your point?

After I conquer immortality, I’d go hanging gliding, sky diving, play chicken with a train (I bet the train would swerve first), visit everyone I know, drop off a few hints & tips concerning immortality, visit the pyramids, find ancient mummy curses & laugh at the mummies while they try and suck my life away, beat up dracula & invent a time machine so I can go back in time & biatch-slap the bunch of idiot religious freaks that caused the dark ages. :stuck_out_tongue:


Buy a Harley.


Travel the world and the seven seas :wink:


I’d like to have a life before i die. It seems i’ve already died and just mindlessly wandering around this planet.
I’d also like to meet intelligent people in real life instead just on the internet.


…while bitchslapping both…


Learn to play Bagpipes.:smiley:

Just joking, I want to experience a crash dive in a U-boat.
The problem is, there are no working U-boats left!:doh:


hee hee just visit me…not…make me your own lil love slave for those couple days…have me screaming …whos muh daddy? or just catering to each of your deepest carnal desires…man what a waste on a couple days…

me on the other hand…i still would love to see all 7 wonders of the world in person…meet the Royal Family and other Heads of State/ Rulers etc…Do somthing in life that all will remember me by not just a select few…then after all that let me die in peace…:wink: or at least during sex! :bigsmile: