Things that the forums lacks

[right][left]Hmm … is there anything that you ever want more of?

[left]Things which should be part of the forum, but don’t seem to be?
Now’s your chance to tell CDFreaks what YOU want!

[left][center]Then Make it so!


[li][left]Choose from the ready made options![/left][/li][li][left]Create your own![/left][/li][li][left]Steal someone elses idea! [/left][/li][li][left][left]Find a monty python insult generator to do your thinking for you! [/li][/left]
[li][left][left]Learn to play the chello, without stirrups! [/left][/li][/left]

All of the above is a given. More dog’s milk, please. :iagree:

I could use more minions! Preferably cute females. Don’t worry about your friends and family, i will kill them gladly. Or i will order you to do so. The pay isn’t great, but i promimse you will get your own country when we have conquered the planet.

More uRdibuRdi to the people!

lately i really feel that theres not been enough room to swing a cat…i’d like to have some more of that…

and yes Mr B does need more minons…i’m getting tired of doing his laundry…

and oh yes the insult generator…would be fantastic!!

It’s hideous! That’s the best design they could come up with? Are you seriously telling me there were choices and someone said: “Arr, there! That’s it! That’s the shape we are looking for! The last chicken in the shop look!”

You know evil entities do not have the luxury of time. They are constantly busy thinking of ideas how to conquer the planet. And din’t i promise you Texas and Nevada in return?

dont give the death gods overwork :stuck_out_tongue:
they dont get paid :wink:

They shouldn’t try to kill each other so much with their weird swords. Follow the example of that death god with the glasses and join the dark side!

At least it was a double-polaroid :eek: :bigsmile:

Could also have cracked the lens :stuck_out_tongue: