Things that make you go hummmmm



Well, ran some tests with this junk HP CMC disks…first with Nvidia IDE drivers and second one with M$ IDE drivers. You tell me. Going to do same test on my Benq and see what I get.


Here are the tests on my benq 1620. I guess these junk disks didnt fair well on this unit either. Maybe I’ll install my LiteOn 832s and test these disks on it and see what I get.
First scan with Nvidia drivers, second with M$ drivers. Guess the Nvidia worked better than the M$ ones.


When i reinstalled my system, I used nvidea drivers. When I burned a DVD, the buffer on my A06 kept comming up and down and i couldn’t record any CD… Everything went back to normal as soon as i uninstalled tge drivers from Nvidea. After that I keep them pretty far away from me :D:D.

All this ti say that your results are not a surprise to me…


Lots of people reported bad scans with HP CMC MAG.E01. However my Teon CMC MAG.E01 from Staples seems OK. See my scans in my sig for comparison, or click below.

Plextor PX-716A 1.04 CMC MAG.E01
BenQ 1620 B7T9 CMC MAG.E01


Dispense with false modesty, zevia. The first scan is perfect, not “OK”.


Well, perfect for 8x DVD+R burns around here seems to be under 10 PIE for the entire disc :slight_smile:


OK, I’ll take it back. They were excellent, for PIE 20 and under.