Things that go "bump"

I’m an event videographer burning DVDs from material I shoot and edit. I have a DVD that “sticks” on my “gold standard” DVD player that I use because it is the most fussey and therefore my lowest common denominator (it is built into a Panasonic 15" LCD screen with DVD player).
I have a situation where the burned DVD sticks at the same point in the program using any media/burner combination:

  1. TY +R disc on BenQ1620 bitset to DVD-ROM
  2. Verbatium -R on Pioneer 108
  3. duplicated on machine that uses NEC 3520a, both -R and +R.
    Ironically using CD/DVD speed tests all of these discs show good reads and "scores over 95%.

I have recompiled and re-edited the source files, and everything plays without a hitch on my computer (or for that matter on a set-top Sony DVD player)
So what might be my root problem. Could there be a problem with my source materials that doesn’t rear its head till I get to final DVD?

If TY and Verbatim are doing it and they all scan perfectly then it looks like a case of a poor player :frowning: