Things are looking up :)

OK got my replacement NEC2500 today. You probably won’t be interested that much but for my own conscience here is a scan of those problematic FUJIFILM03 that I was having trouble with the 6x portion of the burn.

Using stock 1.06 firmware.

As you can see. Much better results. I still get a bit of a dip in speed during the 6x write phase but nowhere near as bad as before. At least they seem to read back OK!

Will back up my firmware and try B5 with some of those Ridisc G04’s and Prodisc R02’s later.

Using Herrie B5 on Ridisc G04 @ 4x

OK not so hot near the end of the read but this is reading back at high speed after all. If I read back at a lower speed it would probably be a lot smoother. The media is not that great methinks.

EDIT: Just scanned it in DVDInfo and it gives no errors. You hear the drive slow down a little towards the end but that’s OK. It did not have any problems reading any of the blocks at all so it’s good enough for me (Although I probably won’t use this media for data backups).

Prodisc R02’s next. May even try those @ 8x because I got a smooth scan on my last ‘faulty’ drive so perhaps with a working drive it will be good (Scans to come).

I actually get a worse burn
Prodisc R02 @ 8x

I also got a worse burn on those FUJIFILM03 using Herrie B5 than with my stock 1.06 firmeware

I may revert back to my stock firmware for burning this media.