Things are changing and not for the better

I’m more than a little bit cranky today. Got in the car, headed out for my 100 mile round trip for groceries and various supplies and turned on the radio to my favorite station. Only it wasn’t my favorite station anymore. The last independent, alternative rock station in the great expanse of nothingness that is West Texas is no more. 25 years of broadcasting music that was at least somewhat close to the cutting edge has been replaced with bland, generic, pop “hits from the 80’s 90’s and today”. Makes me want to puke. :a

I truly dislike being blindsided by this sort of thing. I had to listen to all that crap the first time it came out, now they want to torture us with it again? AAAHHH!

It is all about the money

80’s ROCK!

I love 80’s music. Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, INXS, Pet Shop Boys, Talking Heads, etc., etc. The problem here in Indianapolis is the only good 80’s station changed over to playing 70’s music. We have several 70’s stations now that all play the same stuff.

Fortunately, I have quite a decent MP3 collection so I just bought an MP3 player with one of those cheesy cassette adapters and so far so good. Problem solved and no more commercials, which are the evil scourge of civilization anyway.

I had to listen to all that crap the first time it came out, now they want to torture us with it again? AAAHHH!
That’s how I felt about disco when it made a brief little comeback a few years back. Phooey!

i forsee a satalite radio in your car :wink: …just try and find that around here…its country or country or rap…thats the choices…

Remember when MTV played [B]Rock[/B] videos. Now if they play a video at all it’s [B]Rap[/B]. :Z

[B]Rap[/B] is the root word for c[B]rap[/B]! I hate that scheiße too.

wow, MTV still plays videos? All of their shows now are absolute crap. Jackass was awesome, now all they play is jackass clones and realworld clones :Z :Z :Z

and I do remember when they played rock videos, and bevis & butthead too :bigsmile:

I can’t wait until the zombies decide Bam Margera isn’t funny anymore and he gets canceled and destroys everything he owns and spends all his money then destroys all his new stuff then has to work a REAL job :iagree:…but then they would probably make a reality show out of that and teh zombies would love him again :rolleyes:

Maybe its time to spend some cash on a cd player then you can listen to what you want\like


Ehr and wich part of the 80´s “rocks” the most??


Get a car radio with a mp3 compatible cd player in it and enjoy your own ripped music files :slight_smile: I can even connect my PSP to my car radio and listen to podcasts.

I can image what you must have felt … :rolleyes:

Lol! Where’s the money? :slight_smile:

My GF once remarked, while I was listening to Nirvana, that I shouldn’t be listening to music by drug-addled idiots.
I pointed out that, maybe I should be listening to her music, which is drug addled idiots with criminal records longer than the Nile.

Touche :stuck_out_tongue:

It was just a rant guys. Blowing off steam at an annoying situation beyond my power to change or even influence. Which was the whole point of the thread.

There was good music being produced in every decade, but believe me, this station isn’t playing anything that wasn’t top 40 pop tunes. So I don’t really have a bias against 80’s rock as a general rule.

I like listening to new stuff, and this station before the takeover was a good place to hear something different from anything else being played over the air. That’s a resource I no longer have.

Mostly I’m just annoyed that entertainment has to meet some low level of homogenized drivel before it can be accepted by the general public and thus make enough money to be attractive to the producers. Music, television, movies—its all being driven down to the lowest common denominator and anything that stands above will get hammered down eventually. Or be ignored and thus die before it gets a chance to show its potential.
I’d say I’m getting cynical in my old age, but I was always this way. :wink:

It is hard to believe how dead music has become. Rock was awesome from its birth in blues and jazz, through the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and Grunge. There was always something new and cutting edge.

Looking back probably one of the most exciting times was the extreme dramatic shift from the excesses of glam rock to 500 foot tsunami of grunge.

I finally figured out why grunge was so fascinating, “It was the sound of music dying!”

“mp3 player with cassette adapter” I use one of those too!

I envision us all having internet radio in the future, but corporate and government forces are fighting WiFi. There should be free or next to free WiFi everywhere a cell phone has a signal now, either government subsidized like utilities, or provided privately at a reasonable rate <$20 a month. Satellites could feed the entire country with internet as well.

It would be worth it for the government to provide this as a utility, because of the economic progress and technical inovations this would stimulate.

We can barely imagine what this would mean. Every device could come standard with a NIC and an IP address. Cameras would sync with your pc, and web site instantly. Your car could email alerts. Your house could turn on the lights and unlock the door when you are in the driveway. It is unlimited. Free unlimited phone calls via voip.

Of course the phone trusts are opposed to this, the government won’t be able the trace IP addresses and do phone taps, and the RIAA MPAA won’t have anymore cases without ISPs to supena, but overall it would be progress!