Thin Client

Hi All…Newbe here and I have a question that no one has been able to help me with…I have two Termtex TK-3370 Thin Clients that have Sandisk 512mb CompactFlash Cards (80X speed) Non-DMA and the specs say it will take up to a 8G Compact flash. I am replacing them with Sandisk 4G disks and would you know what software I would need to copy or clone the CF disks that have system files on them as I will need to move them from the old disks to the new ones that I purchase? I have used several different programs, system commander, norton ghost, ect but have been unable to get the disks to copy or to boot. The 512mb CF has two partitions to them, one is a fat and the rest is ntsf and I can not do a disk copy and have it boot. I keep getting a APTE missing when i do try to boot the new CF when I copy the fat partition…Does anyone have any experence with this? Thanks for any info on this…Keithmj