Thin black line to cover anomaly.vhs to dvd



On my VHS I can see a thin scrambled line on the bottom of the TV screen.
I took my video for repair and the man said its not a problem, normally I should not be able to see this on a standard TV screen.
He even took out one of his own video players and it had the same issue!

The problem is when tranfering to PC the anomolie is very apparent.

Is it possible to add some sought of a thin black bar line (like widescreen but not so thick, and only to the bottom of the screen?

Im still learning how to use Sony Vegas, is it possible to clean the image with this application?


I use VirtualDub to remove any unwanted things from video.


The line is overscan and you will not see it on TV.
If you really want to cover it up, do like Metallian suggested and use VirtualDub. Use a logo filter and create a small black bar with your photo software that is 7 - 15 pixels high by whatever your width is and use that image with the logo filter. Or you can use the null transform filter, then crop up from the bottom.


Close , but not quite right. That line is underscan and is commonly called the VBI or Vertical Blanking Interval. Normally it’s where teletext or close captioning information is placed in the bandwidth of the broadcast signal. If you TV is underscanning then you will see it. Pick yourself up a copy of Video Essentials or AVIA and take a look at the test patterns to determine the amount of underscan that you are suffering from. A TV Technician can adjust it out but it’s not cheap. You can DIY if you can find a service manual for your particular set or Google it and you may get lucky.

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