Thieft Deadly Shadows DVD Securom 5

Hi ive posted about this before but knowone seemed to know why but i thought id ask again , i cant seem to copy SecuROM anymore im using

Blindwrite 5.2.9
NEC 2500
NEC 3500

Never had a problem with securom until i tried copying Thief 3 now i cant copy or emulate any securom version all my other backups from earlier versions are usless.

Ive also formatted on various occasions and reinstalled windows but cant seem to get them working.

I tried in Automatic mode, i tried Tweaker with a perfect BWA of the DVD,
but nothing seems to work.

one thing i noticed is that when u load the autoplay from the dvd into BWABuilder 5.1 the graph has changed, it looks weaker and shorter.

has anyone had simmilar problems or know what the hell is going on its driving me crazy as i cannot use my old backups, looks like ill have to revert to using cracks to make my cd/dvd backups in future if i cant resolve this problem.

I’m also using a BWA file for my SecuROM BWA backups because I got a higher success rate than using BW’s Automatic profile. If you didn’t already triedthis give it a shot…

You mean loading the BWA???

Ive already tried tweaker ive always used the tweaker and bwa maker for securom, but ive tried everything else aswell.

when i say i loaded it i mean the backup, when u use bwa builder on a backup with autoplay embedded it loads the bwa file straight from the autoplay instead of fully scanning the disc like an original DVD, but as i say the resulting graph does not look like the original bwa file it looks shorter and weaker