Thief-Australian Red Ant "budget" re-release

Hi everyone.

Been trying to backup Thief-the Dark project, which has been re-released in Australia on a “budget” label called Red Ant Entertainment (Also features the “Sold Out” logo). According to Clony XXL 2006 it has "ProtectCD-VOB, so I brought across it’s setting for Clone CD to test it on a couple of CDRW disk’s one being a TDK 80min 1-4x & the other a Kodak 74min CDRW 1-4x.

As I understood the Asus 4012A to be a good reader/writer combo, I did make one alteration to the Clone CD settings that Clony XXL had,& that was to switch off Amplify Weak Sectors.
The results were that the TDK refused to work in my Mitsubishi Diamond Data 32xCD-rom drive & the Kodak CDRW worked very poorly if at all.

So I earased & changed the Kodak CDRW with AWS turned ON in Clone CD, & suddenly the results when testing it in the CD-Rom drive were considerabley better. It came up with the splash screen for the Sold Out advertising & booted up into Thief a lot faster.

Now, is it just individual to the “ProtectCD-VOB” protection or does this mean that for all games whether Safedisc 1,2/2.5x etc. I would need AWS turned on? I hate producing Coasters of any sort, so I’d be interested in comments before I try to burn to CDR, (using 80min Kodak Ultima Silver & Gold 12x, & 74min Mitsui Gold 12x CDR’s.):confused:

There are many views on whether ProtectCD has SafeDisc like errors - they certainly appear the same but a backup won’t work without at least data subs and audio for Coassacks is required for music at the menu screen. If AWS helps that’s interesting. Where did you buy the game, I’d like to add it to my collection :slight_smile:

Buying the game should be easy m8!
That “Red Ant/Sold Out” series (smallish white/red rectangle case) ,I’ve seen available in Myer’s,(might be Grace Bros down in Canberra,I’m a brissie boy myself),Electronics Boutique, & Big W I think,off the top of my head. Should be around $20.
Apart from the annoying splash/shockwave intro for “Sold Out” wanting to hook up to the 'net, everything else should be fine.
Great game,even if I’m stuck on level 2!!:slight_smile:

Do you think Clony XXL would’ve implemented the settings you’ve mentioned if its detected things alright?
According to the “Scan Disk” util on Nero both CD’s have the same .22% unreadable errors.

Just a thought…
If there’s an ambiguity even if only 5% of the time say, maybe you could add Protect CD-VOB, CD-checks or those other minority protections to the profile zip’s for Clone CD?
I suppose they wouldn’t be used by experienced users but it’d be handy for the newbie user,(like me!).

Originally posted by H.K. Phooey
Just a thought…
maybe you could add Protect CD-VOB

:wink: d/l the profiles from the link in the sticky or FAQ

hi i bought this game too (from big w) for $20.00 and it doesn’t have any protection. i copied it with my tdk 161040x wich cant write any kind of protection at all using nero. all i did was start nero select cd copy and clicked burn and this was before nero supported raw dao/96

your’e right abought the splash screen though its a real pain every time you put the game in dam sold out logo comes up and then theres about 10 links to the net suppose for 20 bucks this is an unreal game.:smiley:

Go to the kickme Clony English XXL site, d/l it & try it on Thief- you’d be surprised!!
Great if you copied it, but it does have Protect CD protection!

i have tried clony but it must be wrong as i said i copied this game in a writer that did not even have support for raw writing (does now with fw update) using nero’s cd copy and just clicked write changed nothing

ps. why i say it must be wrong is because i also have serious sam wich is protected with copy/laserlock wich an old version of clony found, but this new version says it is not protected wich it is.

Hmm, still can’t understand then why AWS switched off didn’t work with the CDRW, but switching it on with Clony XXL Protect CD-VOB settings & Clone CD 4.0.19 did.

Might experiment with Nero & see what happens…

Thief is not ProtectCD-VOB. (I have confirmed this with a hex editor.)
Clony detects it as this incorrectly.
YapS detects it as CD-Lock.

It’s protection is primarily dummy files.
The files to look for are hidden -
IGYQ.AFP 680,719kb
KXEP.AFP 680,381kb
KZXP.AFP 681,203kb
TFJB.AFP 681,357kb

This protection should be copyable with almost any burner…
You could try writing onto different media.


If it’s dummy files, just use nero and make sure ignore illegal toc is checked.

About the only protection clony is getting right is safedisc every other disc i put in clony says no protection or it displays the wrong protection.

and futureproof you can get the thief game at any store practically i got my copy at big w but i have seen it everywhere

Thanks for the info everyone. Although is the ignore illegal TOC setting’s available in Nero’s Wizard? Did try a test backup there,but it froze up on the image-reading.
And like I said earlier, with the Clony XXL ProtectCD-VOB settings & AWS turned on,(using a Asus4012A),it does copy correctly. The CD-speed scandisc util in Nero reported the same scan for both Thief & the copied CDRW disc.