They're mailing again!

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Submitted by: CD Dealer

In the Netherlands, we’ve seen it before. Authorities who mail cd dealers to stop their activities, or else…
The mail below, is from an organisation called BREIN…

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Ignore em, Shell em, then Shell shock em, and be happy with warez !

They could do a test buy from that dealer, calculate the economical damage, and went to the police with all infos they have about this dealer.
So the police has to do some actions, if the information was enough they do house busts etc…if a house adress is given.
so ignoring those letters is stupid.
Everybody recieving those letters should check they securtiy, if there is a way to track your real identity, you should quit this buisness, and never come back.

you guys shouldnt take this not as a funny thing, your ass can be kicked and see who is laughing then.

Umm, just curious, why do you want the replys in english only seeing as the posting isn’t in english and so it cant be read unless you can speak dutch(it is dutch isn’t it?)

like cartman said in the south park movie:

How would they like to suck my balls

Smart of them to say repley an email to us thats the same as making a statement on the police station!!!

My advice keep you mouth shut a only talk whit you laywer if you recive these kind of mails,or when you get busted!!

And get rid of your costumars adresses!!
No need to drag them down in your fall too…

Ignoring isn’t a good way!
use only free e-mail adresses(something like hotmail or so). this way if they send e-mail it’s NOT legal! so they cant take actions against you upon this letter. in some countries E-mail is not a legal binding medium so check countries law.

ok guys, here’s a rough english translation from intertran:

Foundation INTELLECT (patronage Summary [Entertainment] Industry The Netherlands) Professor. E.M. [Meijerslaan] 3 1183 AV [Amstelveen] Subject: print and spread with [illegale] [CD’s] and CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT-[roms] volunteered worn your [website] (URL WITH THE HOMPEPAGE) Respected partner/lady, The Foundation INTELLECT (patronage Summary [Entertainment] Industry The Netherlands) stair worn versus violation worn [Intellectuele] Ownership in the field of music band, movie and [multimediaproducten]. Participate organization within the Foundation INTELLECT one’s among others the [Buma]/Voice, the MPA and the NVPI (ward [Audio], [Video], Interactive). The fight through the Foundation INTELLECT with [inbreukmakende] activities via resident finds yard within the scope with the [internationale] [handhavingsprogramma] with the MPA, the IFPI ([International] [Federation] whether [the] [Phonographic] Indus) and the RIAA (record Indus [Association] whether [America]). It is we well-known who you [CD’s] and CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT-[roms] afraid and scattered waistline your [website] (***URL WITH THE [WEBSITEOp]***) this [CD’s] and CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT-[roms] are fastened [muziekwerken] (o.a. [Anouk]-[Urban] [solitude]; Madonna-[Ray] whether [light]; Metallic-Pole whether [puppets]), personal computer spell (o.a. [Driver]) and movie (o.a. 8 mm, [Armageddon] and [deep] [blue] [sea]) without who for that purpose courtesy is [verleend] through whether owing to the writer, [auteursrechthebbenden], the executive faster and the producer with [fonogrammen], [multimediaproducten] and [filmwerken]. With the making and spread with [illegale] [CD’s] and CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT-[roms] make you violation worn the through Voice [uitgeoefende] royalties and worn the the executive variety artist and the producer with [fonogrammen], [multimediaproducten] and [filmwerken] due summary, who through they [licentienemers] turn [uitgeoefend]. Your [handelswijze] is furthermore wrongful on this person entitled and they [licentienemers]. I [sommeer] you then too straight away the without strict prior courtesy with the person entitled print and spread with the [CD’s] and CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT-[roms] within strike and [gestaakt] within keep . At the same time [sommeer] I you within 48 o’clock near date with this [e]-mail the [illegale] supply with the above-named [CD’s] and CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT-[roms] with your [website] within withdraw and of this, possible within [e]-mail, one written fastening unpleasant we up to within ship . We will verify whether you the above-named activities indeed has [stopgezet]. Your backup service-[provider] have we meanwhile with [één] and other within knowledge worded. We save we unabridged the summary until reasonable- and/whether criminal penalty steps versus you within take . Yours faithfully, [mr] P. Herring Foundation Intellect

hehe, atleast they are giving a warning first Not that it matterz :}

god damned you call that a translation?

Goddamnit usa_dude! Not everyone is able to speak your stupid language very well! Maybe you should learn to understand that your country isn’t THE only one on earth! In fact, some people even do not care about f#cking commercial idiots like you and your people.

yeh, remember europe is 2x bigger than the states! anyway it is not THEIR language. we brits invented it TYVM! invented in EUROPE!!! anyway, the translation is the best i could do.

:smiley: lol

Nederland 470990 visitors…

Need I say more
denk het niet…

Hee Prutser.
Leef je nog?
Dacht dat je opgepakt was.


Well the translation sucks and the shit you ppl talk about the states too.

Ahhh, don’t we Dutch people live in a great country? :smiley:
I had this once with the VNU (Nieuwe Revu to be exact). The send me a letter regarding a article I had on my website. The letter had the same content (do they copy those letters?). Remove or get sued. Now here comes the realy extremely funny part.

First of all: E-mail has no legal means in Holland (yet), so it can’t be used to build a case.
Second: If the E-mail doesn’t refer to a specific person or persons and you’re not registered at the Cambre of Commerce (KvK), you can put it right in the trashcan.
Third: If you get a letter at your home (like I did), just move your page outside of The Netherlands, because they have to sue you in that specific country.
Fourth: Make their lives like hell! You can do this by referring to the dutch law. Just let them tell you in writing how they got your address. If they can’t tell you, you can sue them. If they can, they probably had to get it somewhere else, which is another violation. You can ORDER them to remove your name, address and anything else they have on you from any archive they have. Be sure to tell them if you are ever again contacted by them, you’ll sue their butts of. Be aware you mention that you won’t exept Fl. 25,- administration costs (which they can legaly send you a bill for). If you mention this they have to inform you within 2 weeks (!) and no costs can be claimed.

I just LOVE this country.
Be smart and use they law against them…don’t be scared! And last but not least…NEVER ever sign, fax or email anything to them which states you’ll never do this again. Because next time you will be busted!

Dutch law referrals: Wet op Persoonsregistratie en Wet op de Privacy. Eventueel nog Wet op het Briefgeheim.

Have fun! :smiley:

I did… hehehe

Wet van Autheursrechten kan je ook wat uithalen, mits je overal maar 1 kopie van thuis hebt, als je zegt, mocht je gepakt worden en ze hebben weinig bewijs, dat je alles gedownload hebt dan mag dat. Je mag zoveel mp3 etc etc games enzo downloaden als je wilt, als je ze maar niet koopt/verkoopt dus daar meot je voor uit kijken. het HEBBEN maakt niet uit. Verkopen / kopen wel.

wel “euphoria” goed voor jou dat je in nederland woont maar zouden die wetten in belgie ook zo zijn ?

-they sucks balls !

-english plz !!