They only are trying to scare you



I have seen many posters and other things invovling RIAA or MPAA coming to your house and knocking on your door and arresting you. They are not going to do that and never will. Unless you bootleg or somthing of that matter. They will not sue every one becuase it whould take way to much time. They are only out to get compines which I think they should just back the frik off. Of corse, even if a major file sharing program gets shut down it ussaly gets ressurected. Kazza Lite and WinMX are a couple. They can not shut down the p2p network becuase new programs will come along. They will shut those down and every one will move on to the next one. It is illegal. So if you think they can ban it, they already has. It is just that no one cares (like me).


And everyone else doesn’t realise this because …?


Id33K…you are not correct in your assumptions. Copyright is copyright and if it is broken and you are identified as the culprit you will be prosecuted QED. Whether we think that’s right or not is immaterial…it’s just the way things are. And remember, on the net, unless you use something like TOR or Onion Skin routing, you can be tracked, VERY easily. Just friendly advice for you…This post isn’t meant to have a go at you.


The point of the first post is:

It is improbable they will chase you as there are so many people doing it.

The opposite is also true. They can see everything coming/going to your IP address.

But the RIAA has been utter pricks lately, going after little old ladies & PC illiterates, and the MPAA won’t be far behind.
Don’t think you are immune.


Don’t forget they sued a dead person too. That’s beside the point, little old aldies andPC illiterates are not above the law, and ignorance is no deffence in the law either so now parents will be held liable for the activities of their children.

As to TOR and onion skin you are still not hidden you can still be tracked. There is no such thing as anonymity on the web you always leave a trail and the companies have access to software to track that is better than anything we can get our hands on.

The rule is if you don’t want to get caught don’t do it, otherwise accept the fact that you may be caught as a risk of the activity.


And your point is :confused:


Im sure they colleced a whole bunch from that person :disagree: :rolleyes:

You worry to much :iagree: :rolleyes:


I don’t worry that’s the point. If I do something illegal, then I accept the risks that I may get caught and punished for such an activity. Luckily if they do try anything with me I own nothing so have nothing they can take to make good the “damages” if they win the case.


10 / 4 good buddy. Im in the same boat :iagree:


you can quite easily hide your tracks. If you go into tools -> internet options -> connections —> lan settings and then use a proxy server, the site thinks that you are at a different computer. It will most probably slow down your connection but it will hide your identity.

P.S. a good site to get proxys and ips from is


The proxy keeps a record as does your ISP, there is no way to hide your tracks, it’s a falacy and lulls people into a false sense of security.



new to this forum thing, my daughter is keen to use imesh for downloading songs (is it legal ? can i go to nick?) have read bad press about people being prosecuted true???


well if you download them and you are not paying for them it probably is illegal


What is the point of this post? Not to take a personal jab at you, but can people depend on what you’re saying? This is an international forum, i.e. around the world Asia, North America, Europe, etc… What you say may be true for your unique circumstances, but not true for everybody who comes here.

This seems to be a statement to rally the troops and shout defiance at the powers to be. The reality is they don’t have to sue every one to get their point across. They just have to sue you and if you don’t have the means to defend yourself, then you get the point.

As far as new p2p springing up, we’ll wait and see. The climate is changing the last couple of years and the closing of Razorback should sound warning bells. The DMCA in the US and other corresponding laws being introduced (or attempted) in Europe are clear signs of things to come. Don’t kid yourself, laws are very hard to get repealled. These laws aren’t going to disappear anytime soon (they might get tweaked, but that’s about it).

I think you should wake up and realize that downloading movies, music, games, software, etc. is illegal and there is a very real risk associated to these activities. I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t do what you’re doing, but what I am saying is this: Don’t be surprised if they come knocking at your door, because it really is your own fault.


Why would the closing of a server sound warning bells? Especially as the dubiousness of the legality of the move. We will have to see what the case, if any actually gets brought, brings. The EU already has its’ version of the DCMA called the EUCD (European Union Copyright Driective), the only way it got through was by have the wording that is grey about commercial gain, we have yet to find out what that means as it was not defined and so some test cases are going to have to happen to clarify it.


Well no iMesh has all protected wav files. Don’t worry they wont, be careful though, back when Kazza Lite was around they whould put full or complete after a file name and the file whould let them know what you have on your computer.


Id33K…I’ve been following this thread since your first post. I respect your guts at thumbing your nose at authority…perhaps if more people did this then silly laws wouldn’t be passed. Being apathetic has cost all of us in “democratic nations” dearly. However, what most people- including me- have been trying to point out to you is that under current laws and the current structure of the internet you are at too much risk using file sharing software to download copyrighted material. They (the big companies and authorities) may not notice you the first number of times you download but eventually if you download and share enough and mistakenly connect to one of their dummy tracking files, then you’re stuffed…they’ll be coming for you… no matter if you’re in Timbuktu or Coventry. If you are stung, then consider what you might loose for the sake of a few tracks of music or some mpegs. It’s not worth the risk.


I am an AOL user and am I right in saying that AOL is on a proxy server? I know that rather than have a fixed IP Address AOL users have a different IP Address each time they log on which makes it harder to track what they’re doing.


Gary…even running through proxies you can still get caught. You see, if a government agency or big company got a court order to search your ISP’s records, they could identify what IPnumber and what connection(s) were made to your account to the day,date and time. Say, for example, you decided to use a commercial anonymizing service…well these companies still keep connection to/from logs so, given enough time and money, the determined tracker will eventually trace records back to the culprit computer. It’s just not worth the risk.


Main point if you choose to beak the laws of the country you are in then you choose to accept the risks of doing so. There is [B]no[/B] such thing as anonymity on the web and there never will be regardless of what you try to use to hide your steps, you can be traced.

Stroppy now you are generalising, if the laws of the country you live in don’t make file sharing illegal then if you are traced you can’t be prosecuted. Though those countries that allow file of commercial things sharing are few and far between they do exist.