They make it it easy to find you

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Media Enforcer…what next?

I wish the need for this program didn’t exist. Unfortunately, it does. There…

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“Like a virgin”…
I guess Majors have already that kind of tools, but nice try “Junior”, just think next time to buy a costume of batman and fly to fight against the vicious lucious obvious horrible horrific hackers…
tss such a lame this guy

could this make a great tool for getting hard to find warez and mp3s

There will always be a way around it - just like everything else, I dont see what the big problem is, YES piracy does harm devolopers e.t.c. but look at how much money they make

M$ Office sells 10million copies, devolopment cost = 0.5p a copy sold + £3 packaging, shiping handling and stuff, profit = £ (£500 - 3.5) = £496.5

What a load of shit!
Do you honestly believe any one is buying your Crap. Who do you think you are talking to, sheeps!!! Listen dude ! if I would get the kind of money they are paying you I would sing the same tune too. So why don’t you spare us your GARBAGE about you feeling hurt. IF YOU HAD A SHRED OF DECENCY IN YOUR SORRY ASS you would fell the hurt for the people that are getting screwed by your so called entertainment industry with unfucking believable sales profit margins. I wonder if you would sing the same tune when you get kicked of the payroll. Have you heard the expression, the bigger they are the harder they fall. It would be a pleasure to see your sorry candy college ass go down! by a 15 yr.old highschool hacker, and if you think that would not happen then you are a hell lot more stupid than I thought ! ;

Amen Paradox! People like this need a good kick in the crotch to make them see the incredible profit margin you just mentioned. Hearing this guy come on and try and sell his sorry ass story makes me want to vomit.

“There are many people involved besides the artists who live off the royalties of album purchases. Too many producers and engineers are being hurt by this rampant piracy- not just artists”

Well first why is there a need to pay these assholes so much money for sitting at their deskz and counting how many albumz are sold to see what their take is? And secondly, this pencil dick forgot to mention what exactly “HURT” meanz?

The Wake-up call will come when some company steals his ideal, or buys the rights and sells it for big bucks to those same industry folks, while his share of the “royalties” is about 2 cents a copy. Mean while the guys his heart obviously bleeds for are laughing all the way to the bank.

Fucking LAME! If I can get you I will smack your face to wall!

Maybe we can adjust the app a little, so that it can be used in the other direction too. Finding warez and mp3z shall never be easier than this, if it works… Maybe a download option in it or so…

people like him should fry in hell

Facist o please tell on me.
I am a very bad boy I should not be downloading MP3 from the internet. Live up to it dude Piracy rules and will never end.

Barformat: such true economic figures.

Hey guys, I don’t know how to do it myself but I’m sure that afew of you are capable of doing it. I really like the sounds of minstr8or and notimeleft’s idea. This program is designed already primarily for finding warez and mp3’s etc. All it needs is a tiny bit of reverse engineering and this could totally be an amazing program. Ontop of the fact it would help us all get warez and mp3’s the main pleasure in using this program to get it all would be the pure pleasure at the thought of that morons face when he realised that his program had become the number one method of getting mp3’s. Even better than that will be the day that we see a posting on this board saying that the music industry is sueing his ass because everyone is using his program to get mp3’s illegally. Someone please reverse engineer this and make it an mp3 finder just so it can be rubbed in that fuckers face.
Warez shall rule, the fuck faced rich fuckers shall fall!!

Hey guys why don’t we send some of our welcome notes directly to this fuckface’s mailbox @
to tell him how much we love him. Just in case if this SORRY ASS PENCIL DICK PIECE OF SHIT does not read this postings. After all he wants to be contacted as he calims right!?
I hope he knows how to read !

…now I understand why this guy made that think! He wants to have as many funs of our kind to fuck his ass at the time that we’ll meet him! Nice way to attract people. Bravo!

Sucker !!!
MP3 rules !

Fuck you! You fucking lame! You chicken fucker!!!
I gonna fuck you in the ass!

They will never stop us. The market economy operates on supply and demand. They make money by limiting the supply and we have the demand. MP3, via Napster and Gnutella etc opens the flood gate and increases the supply thereby decreasing the demand shrinking the value of the product to its true value. Not much.
Why should we have to fund the antics of an ultra greedy industry with over inflated prices in a world with shrinking wages, over valued stock, high tuition. Notice that only the top money makers are the ones crying foul. Everone , borrow a popular CD copy it and give a copy to one person you know.
We will fight back. Just watch us.
“Rock and Roll is a vicious game” April Wine

What kind of moron would use his program?