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BREIN, the Dutch anti-piracy organisation reports on their site about their results of the year 2000, and what we can expect from them for the year 2001, here’s a short summary:

For them…

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Nothing we heard before always the same bullshit. but they forgot shut down one and 2 new ones pub up somewhere else to fill up the gap. And after mod chips? mod chips are 100% legal besides of playing back ups they also made it possible to play(legal) import games on your psx or ps2 so what they wanna do about that?


poor BREIN! If there were no pirates. theese people with no obvious education would just have no job at all. poor poor them. listen up BREIN, and listen up good! every time you close of us down, 5 new start up! do you get it now or should i tell it to you like it is? YOU WILL NEVER STOP PIRACY ! P I R A C Y F O R E V E R!


and last two months they were after 121 sites that offered pirated software for sale.
Without me it would be 119 :stuck_out_tongue: It’s so kewl to change news :wink:


HAHAHAHAHAA let them try… they are so funny… they`ll never gonna stop us all… :slight_smile:


They will never stop, won’t they? Well the answer is probably no they won’t, but they will never get us all busted! And that is a fact:8 They can make everything much harder, but more money they spend on protections, then more money they will lose, cause when they make protection, it olny gives them more time, but it will be cracked. ALWAYS:d And that is fact too:8


Blah, blah, blah and more blah… :r