They don't make CMC media like they used to

Went to Staples today. Was about to get the 4x HP media, but instead settled on the 2.4x to have some fun with.

And without even messing with write strategies, here’s the burn at 8x:


Nothing like the agony and drama that I see with the 4x F01 burns. Unfortunately, I’ve never tried F01 myself, but I’m wondering now if these older 2.4x R01 discs are actually better than the 4x F01 stuff.

If you’re not addicted to LiteOn burners, you don’t have troubles with CMC media. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

F01 burned at 8x in NEC 2500:

CMC E01 burned at 8x in NEC 2500:

Wow… we don’t get CMC +R media here (yet…), but the 3-4 -R discs I’ve tried have been excellent too.

It seems CMC DVD recordable media not only increased vastly in terms of total production but also in writing quality. It’s also likely that CMC is selling 8x DVD+R media as 2.4x. That’s also what Intel so often does in order to increase profits and decrease manufacturing cost at the same time.

lol darn! What happened to those damn coasters!

Good on them! I’m happy… longevity may be another issue though.