They DO exist!




Those photo’s have been doctored.
Those photos are just a smudge on the camera lens, or rare atmospherical phenomena.
Yellow gnomes do not exist & there are no proven cases of sight or contact with yellow gnomes.
Nor do we have a yellow gnome in our possesion.


aww i bet you told all the kids there was no santa too :eek: LOL


Oh no, of course not.

Santa is currently in gaol for 37 consecutive life sentences for 758 cases of break and enter, 645 proven cases of trespassing and currently a team of attorneys are building a case for 734 suspected cases of sexual misconduct.

When he was arrested, he was in possesion of 28kg’s of candy, approximately 200 small gift wrapped packages & a autographed photo of Michael Jackson which read “Thanks for the wonderful night”.


Heh, I thought this was another thread about the lil’ green men…


Nah … they’re small, yellow and non-existant :stuck_out_tongue:


believe in the unbelievable :stuck_out_tongue: