They are so goodddddd



Walmart has sony dvd+ 8X clearanced at $22 which might not be so great but they are ty t02 and will burn great at 16x if anybody is interested. Really good to run the tests it seems like alot of people are ding to see if they like their 716. Personally Ilove my tla 0304.


I picked up a spindle of 50 of these and they were not TY T02, they were Sony D11. Quality was very marginal and my PX-716A limited the burn speed to 4x. One of my BenQ burned coasters with them at 8x and 16x, as did my Liteon 1633S. The drives that burned them successfully (like the LG 4163B) often only burned them at 6x. The DVD-R’s are a more solid choice I my experience.


you have to make sure they’re “Made in Japan” to get TY…


You most difinetely have to make sure they say made in japan on them but I guarantee if they do they will be ty t02. A little reading goes a long way.