These Taiyo yudens legit?

seen these on this site and wondering are they legit :confused:

currently buying my tys @ 40 quid for 100 shipped if so im gunna order me 300 of them on that site if they turn out to be legit

I’d say they’re probably genuine (haven’t heard otherwise about BigPockets media) - and who’d lie about it being Datasafe (thus possibly B-grade TY) media?!

“Duplication-Grade” is not an official TY designation, and would worry me a bit. Chances are that these are actually “value-line” discs, so buyer beware.

If they have the paper label on top, then they’re “premium” grade. The value-line discs, in the US at least, don’t have the label. See here:

see that confused me quite a bit i think i need to email them for more info ive used big pockets loads of times their pretty decent

here’s some Panasonic TY (TYG03)

£9.32 for a pod of 50

It is only true for non-printable TY in US. I bought some value-line and premium inkjet printable TYs from different vendors. From looking at the packages, I can’t tell difference.

sweet mate ill get me some of them :iagree: :bow:

Those Panasonic TYG03s seem to be high quality, judging by the scans I’ve seen on the forums. Unfortunately they haven’t been introduced on this side of the pond yet; we can only get Panasonic TYG02.

The bigpockets ones ore the datasafe TY’s. Look at the product code on the web page.

Has some from SVP, and whilst they weren’t brilliant, they weren’t that bad either. You do get a few with what looks like scuffs on the top and botton few.

I would be really happy to be able to get some of those TYG02s… :frowning:
Nevertheless, Panasonic TYG03 are fine, at least at 6x with my Pio 111. Haven’t tried to use other speeds yet, though.

12X should be just fine :iagree: