These have got to be Garbage...Right?



Anyone have any experience with BurnMaster or Dupsonic media? they are so dirt cheap(19c for 4x, 27c for 8x) that they have to be on the same level as Sonic media. Trying to find a good brand that i can consistently get at a good price and these seem too cheap for any kind of reliability.



Yup, bound to be trash…

Try to look for Ricoh JPNR02 media, that’s pretty fool-proof.


From what I can tell of Dupsonic media and I ordered a 50 pack considering the $15.99 from newegg is that they can be one of two media codes. Either TYG02 or VANGUARD. Isn’t Vanguard some sort of Sony media type? I forget who was manufacturing Vangaurd stuff now but thought I remember people saying it was pretty decent.


You do realise those are FAKE TYG02, right?


Dupsonic 4x DVD-R scan included in this thread burned on my BenQ 1620:


Go to CompUSA they have 100 TDK for $30, the 4X is ricohjpn01-02 and the 8X is TY’s T02