These are my choices, what do you think?

Hi, may I start by saying what a great site so much information (can be a little daunting, still great), and everyone seems so helpful.

Anyway I’ve been around for the last few day’s looking through (quite manicly), and here is what I have choosen.

I would like to hear some opinions if thats ok.

Here they are:

CANON iP6600D - Photo Printer £110

VERBATIM - DVD+R Wide Photo Printable No ID Brand £?

VERBATIM Photo paper glossy - 150g/m² - 10x15 - 200 sheets + Roxio Photo Suite Standard 5 £9

I do have a burner, but may end up getting a better one, see how it goes.

Well what do ya’ll think?


Welcome to CD Freaks, James blonde :slight_smile:

You’ll probably get better advice in the CD & DVD Printing and Labeling section of the forum. Transferring…


Thank you for the move. Now this post is settled in it rightful place what are my choices like for a begining?

JB :slight_smile:

good printer
good discs
no idea about the paper or the software

Paper good but you can also try the Paper from Cannon and Kodak.
software good but some people were having problems to get the Platinum 5 software install properly. :slight_smile:

[B]Dismembered Ninja, coathi [/B] Thank you both very much for the reply. The paper seems quite cheap for what it is 200 sheets, 150gsm, £9. I dont really know about the softwear either lol, I will worry about that when I begin.

Guy’s, again thank you. And if anyone knows of anything else that could help (Good burner opposed to my laptop burner) let me know.

JB Peace :slight_smile: