These any good?

my local computer shop is out of ridisc g05 printable for the nxt few weeks!
as an alternative they have these as printable disks available.

RiDisc (MMC) 8x DVD-R 25 Pack Printable

Datawrite (MCC) 8x DVD-R 50 Pack Printable

Well everyone knows my thoughts on E-net products so I will leave it at that. :wink:

and wot is that eh?

That they are something you flush after sitting on the toilet.

Doesn’t the shop have true Ritek brands?

not for the nxt 2 weeks

i`ve tried a tub of these Datawrite (MCC) 8x DVD-R 50 Pack Printable and they were garbidge most burns fell back to 4x even on my 3500.

ive had a lot better results with the Datawrite MCC +R printables good inishal scans but they do start sticking on play back very quickly. so if your stuck with e-net media buy some of these but dont buy toooo many. you don`t want to get your fingers burned :slight_smile: