Thermal paste on CPU pins


I was installing a new CPU (finally got HT!!). During the switch, some thermal paste got to the underside of my old cpu (where all the pins are). I took a toothbrush and dipped it into some alcohol and gently cleaned the the CPU pins until the paste was gone.

Is there any chance the CPU is damaged?


Well that’s always hard to tell of course, but if you treated your cpu nice and gently, there should not be much to be afraid about. The pins of the CPU are goldplated, so it’s quite hard to damage them by spilling either grease or alchohol on them.

I don’t think there’s any prob!

if the thermal paste is electrically conductive, you’ll have to make sure to clean it enough that it doesn’t cause a short between the pins (which it sounds like you’ve already done). other than that, there’s not much to worry about.