Thermal Balanced Writing by Philips

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Philips developed a new technology, Thermal Balanced Writing. It’s used to avoid errors, but can’t compete with Justlink or Burnproof…

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what a load of pap. if these are my cheap cds they are referring to (22p) then they are talking rubbish. my cheap cds are among the best i have ever had. they are completely reliable! never 1 failure!

i always use philips cd’s…they’re the best at the moment…

What a shitload of crap. I can’t even properly read the article man, please improve your grammar!!


the best at the moment!!! what??? at £1 a time!!! where do you go shopping? PC WORLD!!! most cds are the same anyway. they’re either crap or they are reliable. no in betweens really.

I use cheap cd’s as well. My favorites are Princo, not one fail in a hundred or so, BUT, ones I burned a year and a half ago or so are starting to fail now. I’m switching to Kodak now, at least they will still work if you forget them on your dash on a hot day, so they say on their web site.

I just got some CDRs from the corner grocery store, FL 1,40 a piece, That’s about the cheapest you can get here in Holland I don’t care, I live close to Germany. Aachen’s MediaMarkt sells them for 70 pf. a piece(=80cent, 23pence). But those A&P Recordables are pretty good.
A little wile ago I saw CDRs at the HEMA. 2 CDs for FL 11,95!(3 dollar a piece!!) They’re fucking crazy. And on top of that, the cover said: “Speciaal voor het kopieren van CD’s”. That’s : Especially for copying CDs.
MediaMarkt Rox.

PGN guy, thats a translation using Babelfish it’s not the person, sheesh. It’s supposed to ensure proper burns using CD’s rated at lower recording speeds than your burner can do. If I can figure that out why can’t you?

OK the conclusion is here:

V E R B A T I M C D 'S
O R D I E !!!

nothing beats verbatim cd’s ever.

get it, or get out

Dingdong, the psycho’s gone!

Not that I want to start controversy over CDR’s but my experience with Verbatimn CD’s is a good burn but they suck afterwards… The CD’s I had got fucked up when the dye smeared inside of the CD itself and the label peeled…

Of course theres different types of verbatim CD’s but this is just to warn you that the CD’s got fucked up after a good burn…

Had the same problem as Hypnosis4U2NV had with the Verbatim CDs. I now use Traxdata and had no problem for 3 years.

It’s quite foolish to compare the new TBW technique with Burnproof technology. It’s applications are completely different. If the temperature in your burner increases up to 100 degrees Celsius (exgagerated of course) burnproof doesn’t matter anymore: you CD is fucked up. The other way around, with TBW you can’t avoid buffer under runs. So I think a combination of both is great. If the temperature in your CD-writer is too high, it should stop writing untill the temperature is low enough for proper writing again. The burn-proof technology can be used to stop and continue this writing.

Dr. Dead Silence

Oh, I understand, so now everybody is too lazy to properly translate an article in to a foreign language.

Where is the world going?


i just dont get you guys, these are some of the most expensive cds you can buy and they make BUGGER ALL difference, if experiment around with some cheap unbrandeds you will find that the quality is EXACTLY THE SAME!