There we go again



I just posted the article There we go again….

Yes, we know, again, that talk about cows, but we really want you to join us. And a rule in marketing says that repeating your advert works.

Let me explain again, we need people to join our…

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Domi is right…(this time… …this one is fun especially when we see our community grow…come on and join…just 5 minutes work…no strings attached…no side effects on your puter…


Cows are cool… Join now!



help me; I’ve installed the progie and it works fine, but how can I enter the number, so they know that I’m from cdfreaks club?


Just inserted an AlphaServer
800 EV5/333 machine running
Tru64Unix. Hope this helps

Will add my machine to your

Vlieg je later…


Mr X, once you’ve installed the program, you should fill in your e-mail address at the general client settings, then you can start crunching. Wait a day, then go to the distributed page and find yourself in the statistics, how to go on: If it still doesn’t work, feel free to post a message in the forum as stated above ! Thanks for joining !


repeating your advert works.
I joined today :wink:


Yep, you finally roped me into this cow malarky too.