There must be some way to make a perfect copy of PS1 games!



I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post this but here goes-
There has to be SOME WAY to make a perfect copy of PS1 disks. I’ve searched the internet and have had no success at finding anything. This is neccessary cause I have a new PS3 and an exact copy is all that will suffice. I mean, are there some special CD-Rs you can buy that have the “unwritable area” written on already so the ISO can be burned and it will boot? Is there some other way or special burning method?? I am convinced that there is a way, and I am determined to find it. Any reply would be appreciated, or maybe someone cold direct me to a place/site that could help me best with this specific question. Thanks!!


on PS1 you need to have an Action Replay or similar thing connected to the parallell port of the PS1 to play copies on cd-r discs.

on PS2 you can use a boot disc called Swap Magic

I’m Sorry but I don’t know anything about PS3…


Yeah I guess my point is that there has to be some way to make a 100% perfect copy, with that “blind write” area and all, so that the disk is read as legit on anything. Maybe there’s some kind of rouge cd-r company that manufacrures special disks or something. If there is I’d sure like to know about it.


Besides, sony probobly cured moding forever with the new drive mechanism and continuous updates on the PS3


If you mean a self-booting copy, sorry but there isn’t any way to do so. Search the this forum with the word “playstation” for extensive technical information and discussion on the subject.


How about somehow moding a burner so that the checksum value is correct to play the disks? Does anyone know how to mod a burner?