There isn't enough free space on drive

Hi all,
I’m running DVD Fab Platinum I’ve been using this software for about 2 months and have done approx. 60 backups without any problems. I just did an update after being prompted to do so. I have not been able to back up any movies since I did this update. I keep getting the error message “There isn’t enough free space on drive” I have tried 3 different disks & 3 different movies. I have not changed anything else with my system or media. Please let me know if you have any ideas or need additional info. from me. Thx.

Hi Penny, it’s been awhile. Have you checked to see how much free space you have left on your HD? It requires at least 10 GBs per average size movie from what I understand and have read here on the forum.

I know, it’s good to talk to ya. I went and deleted some files from my temp. folder. Duh, I don’t know why I didn’t think of that! I will change the setting to delete them automatically. I didn’t do that initially because I didn’t know if I would need them for anything. It seems to be working now. Thanks for the help.

Any time darling.


With all those movies on your HD and the making room for more, you may want to check and see if your HD needs defragmenting if you haven’t already.


Penny your avatar looks like the girl in the movie The Ring. Kinda scary :eek: Hard to make it out though. Sorry if i offended you.

I’ll be taking care of that too. Thanks! :iagree:

Not offended at all…I actually got it from someone who makes tags etc. If it was a larger image you could see my name in the bottom right corner. I want to check into those 3D animated avatars. Do you know where to get them? HaHa! :slight_smile:

Someone here posted the one i’m using. If you find one or you can find one here you can use this page to resize it.