"there is not enough space to burn this compilation"

I ripped a DVD using DVD Decrypter, encoded with DVD Shrink, and now I’m trying to burn to a DVD+RW using Nero. I receive this error: “there is not enough space to burn this compilation.” I did a full erase on the DVD+RW. I’ve also tried two versions of Nero ( and Any advice?

Are you sure you compressed it enough ? My DVDShrink sometimes calculates wrong and I have to start it again to get correct results.
A silly question, but…
Maybe it is just one of the load of bugs in latest nero versions…

The files total 4.38gb.

I thought it could be a Nero bug, so I tried two different versions. Neither worked. Can you recommend another application to try instead of Nero?

Have you tried a simple dvd-r instead, maybe it is just a faulty dvd-rw?
(As is rather reliable, I use it myself)

I’ve made lots of coasters recently so I’m reluctant to use another DVD-R until the problem is fixed. There shouldn’t be anything wrong with my RW discs.

Have you tried CloneDVD2 trial to burn your movie data ?..if it also reports errors…

Get ImgTools Classic – create an iso image of your DVD structure …

You can burn ISO images directly with DVDDecrypter ( hit W after it opens )

I always use this method and it has not coastered on me …

try it - maybe it’ll work for you too

If the file size is 4.38GB, then it won’t fit on a DVD+R or DVD+RW disc. It should fit on a DVD-R and possibly a DVD-RW.

+R media holds pretty much 4.37GB exactly. -R holds slightly more. And +RW/-RW hold slightly less than their +R/-R counterparts, as I recall.

In DVD Shrink you can set the size of the DVD. I had the same problem and corrected it by setting a custom size of 4450 MB in the preferences menu (under edit).

After that you have to redo the shrink, but the problem never comes back - at least not yet :stuck_out_tongue:


Well the standard is that, 4,700,000,000 Bytes is for DVD+R (also for DVD-Rom I believe.) and 4,707,000,000 Bytes for DVD-R.

I didn’t really test if the last one byte of the above number is available. Probably overhead is necessary. In my experience if something amount to 4.37GB (in explorer status bar), usually it’s fine for DVD-R but sometimes a little short for DVD+R.


latest Nero versions have an “overburning DVD” option that can be enabled… I don’t know exactly, but probably the ability to overburn a DVD depends also on the DVD-burner. However, if your image is oversized by a small amount, you should give it a try.



Send it through shrink again. Nero is correct it is too big.

When you use shrink just use the ISO option then burn with dvddecrypter

That has been the way I’ve been going.

Thank you everyone for your responses. This has been a very informative thread. Rather than take a chance on overburning or Nero, I set the custom size in DVD Shrink to 4450, used Img Tool Classic to create an ISO image and burned with DVD Decrypter. I burned a DVD+RW and DVD-R fine. No hiccups.

Then, I ripped another DVD, followed the above process, but when I tried to burn to the same DVD+RW, I received a “power calibration” error. I did a search on the Internet and found out that the error usually means incompatible media, which seems strange given that the disc worked okay previously. I had to try three DVD+RW discs before I found one that worked. I hope I’m still able to use those rewritable discs and that problems with my NEC are curbed for now.

Thanks again.