There is no media inside the recording device

I have a compaq presario, and have Sonic My Dvd as my supposed burner.

I go in and pick the videos I want burned, and when I stick the dvd disc to record on, I get the message There is no media inside the recording device, please insert the media.

I have a brand new dvd-r sitting in the cd drive, and it doesn’t matter which of the 25 new discs I put in, it just won’t work.

Any ideas, I am all new to this, and the guy at Best Buy said these were the discs to use.Verbatim Dvd-r dvd recordable.

I appreciate any help.


sonic my DVD is not a burner. You do have a DVD burner in your machine right?

I have Sonic MyDVD version 4.5 it says I have the option to create DVD -Video

I click on that option, it gives me the option to get my movies on the computer, and it loads them up. From there, it asks me if I want to burn them, and for me to insert the dvd.

It asks for the recorder,speed and how many copies I want to make.

Then I get the error.

This is what I know. It works fine for creating audio cd’s, this is the first time attempting to use it for dvd creation.

what recorder are you choosing when it asks to choose recorder? Tell us the name of the recorders that it lists

What is the name brand of your DVD Burner…not the software you have…
big difference…

and oh yeah…
a CD Burner is NOT a DVD burner either…

Um … think about what you just said.

First of all DVD’s are different to CD’s.

Secondly, you need a writer to write CDR’s or DVDR’s.
You can’t stick a blank disc in a “read only” drive & expect it to burn.

Right click on “My computer”->Properties->Hardware->Device Manager->DVD/CD-Rom drives

Tell us everything that is listed in that category.

Then maybe we can help you.

Debro, thanks for the help…

My bad, I used the wrong lingo. I am new, so I apologize.

The information on the DVD/CD Drives is as follows:

Mitsumi DW-7801 TE

This is the same device it is trying to write to.

The Mitsumi only support DVD+R and not DVD-R.

You must buy some DVD+R or try to get your DVD-R exchanged to DVD+R.

Thank you jbv, looks like a best buy return…

Not only that but never ask people in the store about what is the best media to buy. Verbatim certainly aren’t bad but sometimes they use manufacturers that aren’t the greatest. Always do research before buying any product. Saves you alot of hassle in the long run. BTW Sonic MY DVD is a worthless POS. If you are trying to backup a commercial DVD movie then it is the software that is your problem. Each commercial DVD is encrypted and you need a decryption program to read the disc.

The DVD R+ worked like a charm. I downloaded some music videos, and all worked well. It took a while, but it worked in the end.

Thank you everyone for your help to the clueless one.