There has to be something better for us to do with our time

Can someone tell me what it is?

Do you like puzzles?

I don’t have enough free space available, but I’d like to assemble a 10000 pieces puzzle :iagree:

Browse CDF. That’s where my free time goes. :bigsmile:

My problem with puzzles are the same as when I have a problem on my computer I am working on I will not stop until I have finished with it. All day all night so I have learned to not start a puzzle.

a 10000 pieces one is definitely not a good idea :frowning:

A 10,000 piece puzzle.:eek: That would drive me over the edge. A nice cruise to the Caribbean would work for me. (as a stowaway of course).:stuck_out_tongue:

My wife does them sometimes and I have to stay away from them.

What about enigmistic games?

Stay up late, drink, listen to loud music

Its the other way round for me…all my work time day and night is spent on cdfreaks. Free time is for sleeping :smiley:

I got a good boss…so…

Hey,… this [I]is[/I] my free time!
I seem to work stupidly long hours, and kind of read and post here to relax a bit from corporate the crap I get all day.

My only other suggestion would be gaming. But you don’t learn too much playing games (altho kind of fun)

I make dangerous weapons, such as thermite bombs, blowguns, and flamethrowers :cop: :wink: :bigsmile:

Ok, I’ve got to know. What is a blowgun?

Same for me. Have to hide telephone account away from kids :o So they cant see how much time mum spent on internet. :slight_smile: CDFREAKS :slight_smile:
slow dial up connection :sad:

Yo Phd-

A ‘blowgun’ is a long tube that shoots darts by blowing in one end and discharging the dart from the other end - to stun or kill prey - usually found in the Amazon tribes-eh!

We used the outside of a ball point pen with a chewed up piece of paper
and a straight pin to shoot at fellow students in class. :cool:

Aah…we used to do these to teachers when we were bored with their lectures

We also used rubberbands to increase the velocity :clap:

That’s kind of scary! :wink:
Do you have secret ninja skills by any chance?

Exploding ninja stars?

In my younger days I used to participate in sports. I pitched on my high school baseball team until I blew my arm out. Went from throwing a baseball in the high 90s (approximately 98 mph) to the high 50s. So I had to give that up. Today I visit a lot of sports forums for American sports. BTW today when the weather changes I am in incredible pain and arthritis has hit that shoulder. :sad: